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Nutri-Tech Organic Solutions offers organic and quality animal nutrition to improve animal health by enhancing digestibility with feed materials and for agriculture with organic fertilisers for increasing the crop productivity by improving the nutritional quality of plants.

With over 15 years of experience in the bone meal manufacturing industry, Mr Meer Fazal Mohammed, the CEO of Nutri organics aims to leverage his expertise in bone meal production and popularise the benefits of bone meal thereby enhancing the productivity of organic farming.

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bone meal

Bone meal is a natural fertiliser in the form of meal or powder that is made from cleaned, heated, or steamed animal bones.

A concoction of coarsely ground animal bones and slaughter-house waste, bone meal is a natural fertiliser source of phosphorus and calcium that is slowly broken down and released over time in the form that is readily available for plants. Primarily used as staple soil by many plantsmen, bone meal is said to enhance the plant’s development of healthy and robust root systems.

Our Products

Steamed bone meal

Steamed bonemeal is one of the most natural forms of calcium and phosphorus available in animals to support plant reproduction and promote root development in shrubs, tubers, and fruit trees. The dried and finely ground mixture is sterilised by cooking it with steam under pressure

steamed bone meal
meat and bone meal

meat and bone meal

An excellent source of supplemental protein, meat and bone meal is used in the formulation of animal feed due to its well-balanced amino acid profile. Typically, MBM contains around 48–52% protein, 33–35% ash, 8–12% fat, and 4–7% water. Replace the regular soya meal protein for your chicken with the richness of animal protein as sterilised meat and bone meal. We are the leading manufacturers and traders of meat and bone meal with the goodness of proteins, nutrients, phosphorus, energy, and fat to enable faster growth and boost immunity

raw bone meal

Bone meal is made from crushed cattle bone of size below 1/8″ (0-2 mm) grains. It is a natural organic fertilizer and having rich source of phosphate and Nitrogen And also used is poultry feed material. It can be used in organic farming and production as the end results are healthier with enhanced food value. Bone meal is also an excellent organic source of calcium

Raw Bone Meal
bone grist

bone grist

Bone grist is the crushed cattle bone used as raw material for bone charcoal. Bone grist is calcium-rich and contain 7-8% moisture and 2-5% grease and therefore used in various industries. Since the bones are derived from the healthy slaughtered animals of the slaughterhouse and meat traders’ shop, they are edible for human consumption

why choose us

There are several reasons why you will love working with us, but these are few of them

years of experience

15+ Years Of experience

We have close to half a century experience in the bone meal industry

high quality products

top quality products

We ensure high standards of quality in every step of the manufacturing process

affordable price

reasonable price

We never put a dent in your pocket. Our products are always priced reasonably

ISO certified

ISO 9001:2000 certified

Our manufacturing facilities are certified by ISO for meeting their quality standards

one stop solution

one stop solution

Our comprehensive list of products will ensure you get everything you need in one place

trusted by the best

Our products are being used by the best brands in Pharma and Gelatin industry across the globe